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Emerald Leaf has authorized physicians and a team of trained educators who provide personalized care, education and follow-up to patients interested in accessing medical cannabis.  Navigating the process of obtaining legal product is far from streamlined. The process is still very confusing and can often times be overwhelming for new patients.  Our dedicated team of professionals will help you each step of the way.  From obtaining approval, to registering yourself, and choosing a licensed producer & placing your first order- we will hold your hand along the way to ensure you have everything you need.  If you’ve been looking for a trusted partner to advise you through the process, you have found the right place.


Physicians that would like to prescribe cannabis for Emerald Leaf can arrange to have patients sent to them either virtually or in person.  Emerald Leaf will ensure the patients that you see have the proper support.  We will register, educate and assist your patients obtain premium medical cannabis products at a discounted price.

Physicians can also refer patients to physicians who are currently prescribing medical cannabis.  

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